Something Has Got To Change

dunlapFor the last time I will have watched Mike Dunlap blow a Charlotte victory away. In the 3rd quarter the Bobcats lead by 18. We had our foot on the Lakers throat but instead of stomping down Dunlap took the pressure off. Poor use of the shot clock and turnovers gave LA momentum and carried them to a win. Once again Charlotte squandered a big lead resulting in a loss. My biggest problem with this is…WHERE IS MKG?!?!?! Kidd-Gilchrist was 3-4 from the field and had 7 points and 3 rebounds. By no means gaudy numbers but his +/- was +22. That means when Kidd-Gilchrist was on the floor the Bobcats out played the Lakers by 22 points!! The only problem, Dunlap never uses the first round draft pick. Why is he never in the game in crunch time? The guy makes plays, plays defense and tracks down rebounds. He only had 2 fouls and played only 24 minutes, what is Dunlap’s problem. Ramon Sessions is a bench player who plays more than MKG and you know his +/-? -37, that’s right NEGATIVE 37!! That’s terrible. I don’t care how many points you score anytime that you make your team that much worse you need to sit out. O and while Kidd-Gilchrist was on the bench watching his teammates blow the lead Dunlap just stood there non-nonchalantly, like “hey, no big deal my team is about to blow another huge lead and lose its 12th straight, lets leave one of our best players on the bench.” And who was eating up the most amount of minutes? Byron Mullens.

Mullens was 1-10 in the second half and 0-7 in the 4th quarter. He also managed to turn the ball over 3 times in the process. He missed open key shot after open key shot and yet somehow managed to stay in the game. Does he have pictures on Dunlap? Listen to these numbers: Mullens has the 4th worse shooting percentage of anyone in the league and the 6th worse 3-point shooting percentage, yet for some reason is hoisting up 12 shots and 5 threes a game. So he’s making about 4.5 shots out of every 12 but for some reason is averaging 30.5 minutes per game, which is 2nd most on the team.WHY?!?! I realize the front court is not our stong suit and we don’t have a lot of depth but this is just pathetic. There’s not a single big man in FA that can do what Mullens is doing? At least they probably wouldn’t have the 2nd highest FGA on the team with the lowest shooting percentage (Qualified).

I really don’t know what the issue is here. Does Dunlap dislike MKG? Does his game not fit or is Dunlap just afraid of putting him in at the end of games? Cause I know I would rather keep MKG than some random college ASSISTANT coach. People might have been praising him earlier but this is getting ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that Sessions and Mullens get way too much PT and MKG sits way too much. If Dunlap doesn’t get this thing turned around soon then something’s gotta change…starting with the head coach.


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